Reflective Trims

Not All Reflective Is The Same

With more than 20 years of experience handling reflective material, and a close partner of 3M Scotchlite Reflective Materials as their distributor and converter. We have used a wide range of 3M and other reflective materials and changed them to different trims for garments and other use


Quality Control Cycle


All our transfers are tested in our in-house SGS approved laboratory with the clients fabrics during development and bulk stage, and are evaluated by our technicians for peel-off and reflectivity and appearance after wash

3M Reflective Heat Transfer on Different Performance Fabrics


J-Long applies their own proprietary adhesives to match the various customer fabrics, such as: 

  1. Water-repellent fabrics

  2. Polyester-elastane fabrics with high stretch

  3. Fabrics with color migration

This is why we work with so many outdoor retailers and brands that use these kind of fabrics as we have specific adhesive formulas to ensure proper adhesion, especially sportswear, skiwear, and swimwear brands

3M Optic™ Colorized Reflective


With colorized reflective material in demand, we have invented a unique colorizing method that allows our reflective material to remain higher than 300 cd/lux/m², one of the only products in the market with high reflectivity, great durability, and color fastness.

This technique is:

-OEKO-TEX® certified material

-Can be used for heat transfers, piping, and various trim applications

-Total of 8 stock colors, or we can customize your color 

With our own adhesive and colorizing method, this is the most durable and bright color reflective in the market

3D Reflective Heat Transfers

With our experience in handling different materials and reflective transfers, we can make reflective transfers with different effects and finishing

  1. Varying heights depending on client's requirement and washing standard

  2. Straight edge or our unique round edge finish

  • Can be colorized reflective

  • Great durability

  • Sharp and clean finish

3M Reflective Pipings and Elastic Bindings

3M Scotchlite Reflective is one of our most popular materials used to make different pipings and bindings for garments and accessories, as it has high brightness and wash durability it is a preferred material used for making such trim

Reflective Bindings - Customize your reflective and spandex color

Reflective Pipings - Customize your own color and design

Range of Reflective Accessories

Reflective Buttons - Industrial wash and home wash options available

Reflective Zipper Puller - with laser image or color logos

Reflective Zipper

Reflective Eyelet

Reflective Cord lock

Reflective Cord lock


Questions? Contact us at info@j-long.com and we will redirect you to our closest local representative to work out your needs