Tapes, Drawcords, and Pullers

Tapes, Cords, and Pullers

J-Long has the capability of providing various types and designs of tapes, cords, and pullers, with the support of our dying mill, we invest in the most advanced machinery and equipment meet the ever changing market of fashion. Our products include knitted and woven tapes, cords, elastics, bungee cords, jacquard tapes, printed tapes, and shoelaces. 

Woven and Knitted Tape

The woven and knitted tape is one of our core products, we can make different types of effects with these tapes

  • Reflective woven or knitted tape
  • Flat or raised printed tape (with ink or silicone)
  • Jacquard tape
  • Melange tape

Elastics (Newly developed Y elastics and V elastics)

Our elastics have different thicknesses and finishes that make our elastics very popular with bindings and various placements on garments. Below are some of the effects we can do

  • V-elastic binding
  • Y-elastic binding
  • Reflective on elastic

Cords with different cord ends

We can make different cords with various cord ends to cater for different garments, these are some of the cord ends that we can make

  • Metal                                                                                                                                 
  • Soft TPU   
  • Silicone
  • Reflective tip
  • Waxed tip
  • Shrink wrap TPU
  • And so on   

Pullers, cord locks, and other accessories

We can make different pullers and cord locks with TPU or silicone

  • Zipper pullers
  • Cord locks